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A shiduchim website that helps finding your second half with shadchanim all over the world

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Michael and Ester Brocha

I want to greatly thank Shiduh.org greatly, the administrator, and all shadchanim, especially Elisheva Altman for helping me BS"D find Michael.
And to those who did not findhave not yet found their second half yet, don't lose hope. Come to Shiduh.org, register, write to shadchanim meet, search!
Pray, and ask Hashem to help you. He will certainly help. The one that searches will ultimately find!
Once again, thank you and good luck!

Boruch Alter and Chana Leah

Thank you shiduch.org for your helping us find each other.
The organizers do a great job, a great mitzvah helping creat Jewish families. This is impossible to overestimate!
Special thanks to Miriam Portnoy for participation, support and sensitive approach during the shiduch!

Ira and Dina

We would like to wholeheartedly thank first of all the Almighty that in His love and mercy He heard our prayers, and made our shidduch that Baruch Hashem ended, or rather began with our wedding! !
When we registered we did not expect that our "Zivug" will come through the website. But G-d has most amazing ways when we least expect!
We sincerely with all our hearts thank all those who work on this site, and especially our wonderful Shadchanet Miriam Portnoy (Gurfinkel), who supported us wisely supervised us throughout the shidduch, and was very helpful in organizing the wedding! Many thanks to all of you for this wonderful site Shiduch.org!

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Advantages of this system for the candidates

Direct access for shadchanim around the world
Greater area from where to search for one's second half
Confidentiality of personal information
A change in the application becomes immediately visible to all shadchanim

Advantages of the system for shadchanim

Central database with data about clients coming from different sources
Fast search according to specified criteria
A possibility to add new applications or change data by candidates or by shadchanim
A possibility to always know the latest changes made to the applications
System of communication with other shadchanim
And much more!

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need this?
An unexpected meeting is of course very romantic. But life is not a book or a movie. By selecting a spouse according to your expectations and requests, you can create a much stronger Jewish family.
How much does it cost?
The service of this site is free. Only in the case of successful shiduch and marriage it is customary to pay the shadchan who introduced the people in accordance with their own financial situation and in agreement with the shadchan.
Is this site only for religious people?
This site is intended for all Jews. Some shadchanim however only work with observant people, but others work with everyone.

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